How can COPD & ILD patients get rid of shortening of breath?

There are some problems related to the lung conditions like ILD and COPD, which can cause you to suffer from shortness of breath. Here, in this blog, the pulmonologist in Punjab has enlisted some of the techniques beneficial to get rid of the shortness of breath.

How can these techniques be deemed helpful?

These techniques are not only responsible to help you cure the problems like shortness of breath, but these can also help to increase the oxygen levels in the blood -says a Chest specialist in Ludhiana.

How can we measure blood oxygen levels?

With the help of the pulse oximeter, it is quite easy to measure acute blood oxygen levels.

Did you know?

The correct medical term to replace ‘Blood oxygen levels’ is ‘Oxygen Saturation’.

Pursed Lip Breathing for COPD

If you are suffering from COPD, then you should follow the subsequent breathing activity:

  • Step 1: Breathe In slowly through the nose

  • Step 2: Breath out with the pursed lips

If you follow this technique regularly, then it will be easy for you to notice the difference between the normal breathing levels and the PLB oriented breathing levels.

Pursed Lip Breathing for ILD

If you are down with some of the restrictive lung diseases, then it becomes quintessentially difficult to catch up with your breath since it keeps on getting lowered with even the light activities. In that case, it becomes significantly important to:

  • Pace Yourself

  • Slow Down

  • Practice the good breathing techniques

How can I practise this?

For this, you are required to first of all slow the rate of your breathing. When it will be done then try to:

  • Inhale through your nose

  • Exhale through your mouth

How to practise it efficiently?

The best way to do that is to:

  • First of all smell the roses (Inhale the roses)

  • Then try blowing the candle

What is the normal saturation of oxygen?

If we are referring to it at sea level, then it is no more than 95%.


In case, you are somewhere at the highest altitude, then this normal saturation level will be considerably lower.

When am I the suitable candidate to use the supplemental oxygen tank or the oxygen concentrator?

Until your oxygen levels drop to 88%, you are not a suitable candidate for using the supplemental oxygen tank and an oxygen concentrator.

Be Cautious!

If you are becoming extremely hard & forceful with your breathing techniques, then those techniques will make your saturation get lowered.

How will I know that I am being too harsh with the breathing levels?

If after practising these techniques, you are feeling extremely lightheaded, then it is the symptoms that you are trying extremely hard and blowing it too fast.

Final Comments!

So if you have found this article useful and want to know more such information, then please let us know. We shall be very happy to publish the articles and blogs as per your choice.

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