What are the causes of chest pain? When do you need to consult the doctor?

Sometimes, the chest pain can be due to indigestion which occurs when you eat spicy food. But, that is not what always happens. Chest pain can be a sign of something serious like heart disease. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you consult the best Pulmonologist in Punjab. Dr. Rahul Kumar is a well-known Chest specialist in Ludhiana who has been providing treatment to his patients for the past so many years. He has answered a few questions regarding chest pain and helped you to understand better when you should consult the doctor.

What are the reasons people experience chest pain?

Dr. Rahul Kumar: Chest pain can occur due to pain in any part of the chest or sometimes due to the abdomen & deep organs like lungs, stomach, and heart. The major concern in this situation is the artery blockage in the heart or problem with the valves of the heart. Sometimes, high blood pressure can be the reason behind chest pain. It will be difficult to differentiate and this is why doctor help is important.

Can I check if my chest pain is due to cardiac problems?

Dr. Rahul Kumar: Chest pain due to cardiac condition will result in the onset of symptoms slowly and they take time to resolve. In such condition, the patient is likely to notice symptoms like:

  • Breathlessness

  • Vomiting

  • Profuse sweating

  • Nausea

  • Passing out

Such type of pain can reach the jaw, neck, or inner aspect of the left arm & it won’t change with position.

What are the warning signs to consult a chest doctor?

Dr. Rahul Kumar: Many of the patients can notice a tight or heavy chest that is present in the chest centre and it will reach the left arm. In addition, the patient can notice symptoms like back pain, jaw pain, neck pain, breath shortness, or abdominal pain. Chest pain may occur due to different causes. But, if you notice your chest pain occurs when you exercise then you need to consult the doctor. In addition, if the chest pain is unremitting then make sure to get medical help as early as possible.

How can I be more aware and prevent chest pain?

Dr. Rahul Kumar: It is important to carefully observe your existing condition like:

  • When does it occur?

  • How long does it last?

  • Is there anything that improves or worsens it?

  • Does the pain go to another location?

Noting down the symptoms and patterns helps to understand better what problem you have. Like if you exercise and you feel chest pain, then it is coming from the heart. So, while doing any such activity if the chest pain occurs then is due to narrowing in a coronary artery.

What are the treatment options for chest pain?

Dr. Rahul Kumar: If your chest pain is due to blockage in one of the artery then you will get the treatment through:

  • Stent

  • Medication

  • Artery bypass surgery

When the pain is in excess then the stent is preferred. The patient will only get the treatment plan which suits their current condition.

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