Which therapies are essential that can help you to maintain the health of the lungs?

The lungs are the important organs of a person’s body as these are known to be functioning as the elimination organs which may help to wipe out the toxins and the extra material from the body. For the effective functioning of the lungs, you must be keeping them in a favorable atmosphere. According to the pulmonologist in Punjab, a person may need to undergo various kinds of therapies to cleanse the lungs to keep them effective in functioning.

In this blog post, we shall be learning the various kinds of therapies that may help you to cleanse your lungs. These therapies have been suggested by the brilliant chest specialist in Ludhiana.

Steam Therapy

It’s quintessentially essential for the lungs to drain the mucus. If this mucus is not drained, then it will allow the microbes and the pathogens to enter the body. When this mucus membrane dries out, then it may restrict the blood flow and breathing capabilities. With steam therapy, it becomes easy to get the mucus thin in consistency and thus the space for breathing activity can be added.

Controlled coughing

Controlled coughing is counted as one of the exercises which may help you to contribute to loosening of the mucus. This exercise is giantly beneficial for those who are suffering from COPD like issues.

Mucus drainage

You should be making use of gravity to drain the excessive mucus from the body. With this treatment, you can wipe out the excessive mucus present in your body.

  • For this treatment, you have to lie on your back:

  • For this, you have to lie down either on the floor or on the bed.

  • Here you have to place the pillows under the hips so that it can be ensured that the chest is considerably lower than the hips.

  • Here you have to slowly inhale through the nose and exhale it out from the mouth. The exhale should not take that long as the inhalation process. It should be carried out in the 1:2 breathing.

  • You have to continue this exercise for a few minutes.


By taking the various exercises into account, you have to make sure that you are taking quintessential care of your lung health. Exercise should be done daily as it is crucial for keeping the mucus moving as if it gets stuck at one place, then it will create a disturbance for your breathing activity. To know which exercise we are good for your health, you have to

Green Tea and the warm water

It is suggested that you should consider drinking either green tea and lukewarm water. Such kind of temperature and the edible items will help you quintessentially to make your mucus melt.

Bottom Line

In case you want any of such tips and the knowledge about the exercises which can maintain lung health, then you should be approaching us for gaining any kind of information in this regard.

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