Which Are The Various Lung Affecting Diseases Treated By The Pulmonologists?

The respiratory system is that system that helps you out with the inhalation and the exhalation process. This commences from the mouth and keeps on extending to the mouth and then it comes down to the diaphragm which is situated just above the abdomen. According to the vastly experienced pulmonologist in Punjab, “There are so many parts of the respiratory system, and to know which part is causing you the problem requires you to consult the specialist.” Sometimes it is just the blockage in the chest. For that, you are required to visit the chest specialist in Ludhiana.

How Many Kinds Of Pulmonology Diseases Are There?

Following are the categories of pulmonology diseases:

Effect On The Airways

Tissue Affecting Diseases

Circulating Affecting Diseases

In this category, we usually include those diseases which obstruct the functioning of the airways. All the diseases which are supposed to cause blockage in the airways show up one unified symptom and that is to experience the breathing sensations through a straw.

The tissues are the critical components in the making of the lungs that not only help in their frameworks but also play a great role in the exchange of gases.

Diseases of this category are usually indicated by scarring and inflammation. These diseases are usually accountable for reducing the capacity of the lungs.

Breathing is an activity that involves the exchange of gases. This exchange takes place in the environment and the blood. Our lungs first of all replace carbon dioxide with the oxygen in the blood. For this, a steady flow of blood is required in the lungs.

Pulmonology Related Diseases


Whenever the tiny structures of the lungs, customarily known as the alveoli experience the burning or inflammation owing to some kind of bacterial or viral infection, then difficulty breathing, coughing, fever and wheezing like symptoms make the gaseous exchange like activities difficult for you.


Is it the condition in which the affected patient faces extreme difficulty in breathing? Asthma is accountable for blocking the airways in the lungs and causing them to get swelled up. Usually, the treatment of asthma requires the regular intake of the prescribed medications.

Lung Cancer

Whenever the cells present in the lungs start getting produced in abnormal amounts, then this may emerge in the form of tumours. Nowadays, there is a cure to every disease, but treating lung cancer is still challenging. The individual can be rehabilitated from this condition if the cancer is detected at an early stage.


This is the predominant kind of bacterial disease that affects individuals in the form of tiny droplets. These droplets run into you when the infected person sneezes or coughs.


From the name itself, we can figure out that bronchitis is a disease that attacks the bronchi. Whenever it is infected then it results in wheezing or coughing.

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