What do you know about PFT? How many types of PFT tests are there?

What is PFT? 

PFT stands for the Pulmonary tests function. With this, it is checked whether the lungs are functioning in the required way or not. It is also found out whether the lungs are capable of releasing oxygen properly to different parts of the body or not.

It is one of the non-invasive procedures, whose motive is to measure the following:

  • Lung Volume
  • Flow Rates
  • Volume
  • Gas Exchange
  • Capacity

How many types of PFT are there? 

PFT can be of the following types:

Spirometry  Amount of air you are inhaling and exhaling.
Lung Volumes  The air volume of your lungs
DLCO  Ability to transfer the inhaled air to the blood
Maximal Voluntary Ventilation  Amount of air you inhale and exhale in a single minute
Oxygen Iteration Test  The amount of oxygen a patient needs
Six-minute walk test  Rapidness to walk on the flat surface for about 6 minutes.
Methacholine Challenge tests  Diagnosis of the asthma-like conditions
Cardiopulmonary Exercise testing 
  • Patient’s exercise capacity
  • Evaluation of the cause for the following:
  • Breath Shortness
  • Low Exercise Ability
Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide  Diagnosis of the allergic asthma
Impulse Oscillation  Stiffness and the airways of the lungs are measured.
High Altitude Simulation testing  Blood oxygen levels in the high altitudes.

Why is the PFT performed? 

To know which pulmonary condition you are suffering from, the pulmonologist will consider taking the PFT test into account.

Which risks are associated with the pulmonary condition? 

The PFT test is a non-invasive kind of test, so it does not cause any complications. But if you are not getting the treatment from the right doctor, then you may suffer from the following kind of complications or side effects:

  • Coughing
  • Dizziness
  • Asthma Attack
  • Shortness of the breath

How should you prepare for the test? 

First of all, you need to disclose the entire medical history to your doctor. IF you would not do this, he would not be able to find out the right cause for the problem.

If you are taking any of the prescribed or the non-prescribed medications, then you must tell the doctor everything about it.

One important point 

When you are going for the tests, make sure that you are not overeating. Otherwise, the accurate results of the tests will not be experienced. 

Where should you get the pulmonary function tests done? 

First of all, the right pulmonary test must be taken into account. If in case you experience disturbing pulmonary symptoms, then you should contact Dr. Rahul’s Pulmocare Clinic. We shall be very helpful to treat you. We are best known for our services in this regard.

So book your appointment with us right away. We shall facilitate you by providing the earlier slot.

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