What preparations should you do before travelling if you are a pulmonary patient?

The holiday season is just a bit away from us. But I know you have started making plans for it beforehand. But what if one of the family members has some kind of pulmonary disease. If this is the situation at your place as well, then this blog post is surely for you:

Arrange a spare oxygen tank: 

Make sure that you are considering the spare oxygen tank to be taken on the trip. If you’re going to a hill station, then you should not neglect this aspect at any point. As the patient is sure to encounter some breathing botherations. To prevent it from worsening and spoiling the flavour of the holiday, the oxygen tank is a necessity. 

An important point to note 

If you are travelling on the plane, then you should still consider taking the oxygen tank with you as the air in the plane is very light and thin. It has been observed many times that travellers with healthy functioning lungs start craving oxygen because of the quality of the air. So there is nothing to worry about!

Try to Reach at the airport sometime before 

You are advised to reach some time before your flight:

  • 4 hours – If you are going to travel via domestic flight
  • 5 hours – If you are going to travel via international flight

If you are carrying POC (Portable Oxygen Concentrator), then you may have to go through some of the additional security checks.

An important point to know 

Travellers considering taking the POC along with them are not allowed to do the online check-in. They are to be physically checked. 

  • Choose the accommodation wisely: Being a pulmonary patient, you are not supposed to climb up the stairs of so many floors. As it will not be good for your pulmonary condition. So when it is about choosing the accommodation, the following factors should be ascertained:
    • The accommodation should be on the ground floor
    • If it is on consecutive floors, then check if there are elevators or not.
  • Special precautions for travelling in the cold places: Spending a vacation in a cold place is the wish of every family. But if there is a pulmonary patient in your family, then you have to be double sure about it. If you are still considering visiting a cold place, then make sure:
    • That you have arrangements to keep your body warm
    • To Prevent the sweating
    • That you stay away from the synthetics
    • You are having a cold-weather mask
  • Prevention from Seasonal infections: Take necessary precautions to prevent yourself from the seasonal infections. The seasonal infections will affect the lungs straightaway. So you need to know some of the key points with which you can make yourself protected from encountering symptoms of such problems.



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